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From weatherproofing to renewing window and door seals, painting the interior and exterior walls and woodwork to boiler maintenance, summer is the ideal time to carry out all these projects.

Open any interiors magazine and you will see pages of bathroom transformations. If you have ever thought of upgrading or updating your bathroom, we have put together a few handy tips for you.

Back to work lockdown

Since the Prime Minister’s announcement on Sunday 10th May regarding some sectors returning to work after lockdown, both employers and employees have been concerned about what they need to do to prepare their office for the return to work. Find out how we can get your office up and running again.

residential burglary

Residential Burglary | Whether you rent your property or own your own home, no-one is prepared for the devastation that residential property theft causes.  Coming home to a property that has been broken into is one of the things we all fear.

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Commercial Burglary | Although less common than residential theft, commercial property theft in London still accounted for approximately 12,000 incidents reported to the police between 2016 and 2017.

Rat Control London, rat eating Cheese

Eight things to look out for that show you have rats in your property

  1. Rat droppings (dark brown shaped like a grain of rice). They can be found in areas such as behind white goods in kitchens.
  2. Rats have sharp teeth, so look out for gnaw marks on wires…..

We can even make significant changes in the painting and decorating sector by choosing eco-friendly paints.  Well-known brands such as The Little Greene Paint Company and Farrow & Ball are leaders in producing high quality eco-friendly paints for both the commercial and domestic market.